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Audio-Technica Reduces the Price of the AT3060

Audio-Technica has reduced the price of its AT3060 phantom-powered tube microphone to $499 MSRP.

The AT3060 operates on standard 48-volt phantom power, so it does not require a separate power supply and cable. It features a large-diameter diaphragm cardioid condenser element for delivering high sensitivity and smooth sound with low overall noise levels, while a precision-machined, nickel-plated brass acoustic element baffle provides enhanced element stability and optimizes sensitivity. The tube used in each AT3060 is hand-selected and aged to maintain peak performance, and the tube itself is shock-mounted to dampen mechanically induced vibration.

Electronically, the AT3060 includes a large coupling transformer to provide superior linearity at low frequencies, while precision valve design delivers the traditional warmth of classic tube microphones.

The AT3060 comes in a silver satin finish and includes the AT8458 shock-mount and a protective pouch.

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