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Audio Visions Joins Adamson E-Series Network

Adamson Systems in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, announces that Audio Visions—with offices in Omaha and Minneapolis—recently joined the Adamson E-Series network. Audio Visions purchased Adamson’s core E15 line array rig, and the company’s new P.A. system comprises 24 E15 and eight E12 line array enclosures.

“Audio quality, versatility, high output and dynamic range was at the top of the list of qualities a new line array system had to possess,” explains Elliot Nielsen, operations manager for Audio Visions. “Other considerations were rigging weight size and the ability to put more boxes into the same footprint; the way that it transports and rigs was a real bonus.”

Audio Visions works primarily providing sound reinforcement for fairs and festivals and corporate events held mainly in the Midwest.  The company, which has been around for 30 years, takes pride in being one of the leading sound companies in the region. Audio Visions also received the Parnelli Hometown Hero Sound Company of the Year award in 2014.  

“Throw distance is a key element when deploying sound systems at our events,” adds Nielsen. “The E15 shows superior throw distance and accuracy in the far field with pattern control and consistency across the frequency spectrum. The phase response and coherency in the horizontal and vertical planes is very good, potentially unrivaled.” 

Nielsen also notes that the simplicity of the box design was another point in Adamson’s favor. “An E15 gets the job done with six components and is housed in a well-designed lightweight enclosure that’s attractive but not ‘gimmicky’.”

With the fair and festival season right around the corner, Audio Visions is preparing for an outstanding year. “We value the ‘family’ feel of the Adamson partnership and how supportive their team has already been from a technical aspect and a sales/business standpoint,” Nielsen concludes. “This is the next step for our company that will allow us to expand our inventory and horizons. It’s going to be a great season.”

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