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Audiofile Releases Loop Editor 2 for Mac

Audiofile in Minneapolis announces the availability of Loop Editor 2 on the Mac App Store, on sale for a limited time for $29.99 (regular price is $49.99). Loop Editor 2 is intended as a replacement for the now discontinued Apple Loops Utility and offers support for all loop types, beat detection, ACID files, and more.

Loop Editor 2 features Slice (add, edit, and export slices); Loop (supports all loop types and helps users quickly fine-tune loop boundaries); Tag (advanced editing including the Genre & Descriptors properties for Apple Loops files); Script (support for AppleScript allows automation of complex workflows) and Export (multiple formats including Apple Loops, AIFF, ACID, WAV and W64).

Loop Editor 2 also includes two Audiofile utilities: ReCycle Converter, which converts Propellerhead ReCycle files for importing into Loop Editor; and First Aid, which can diagnose and repair uncompressed audio files that won’t import or open in audio applications.

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