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Audiokinetic Unveils New Partnership with Audio Ease

Audiokinetic Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Audio Ease B.V. in Utrecht, The Netherlands, announce a partnership in which Audiokinetic will distribute Audio Ease’s Altiverb Impulse Response packages for Audiokinetic’s Wwise convolution reverb plug-in. Audiokinetic states that the first package will be available before the end of 2011and will contain 49 impulse responses that are mostly oriented for the reproduction of outdoor environments.

“At the design phase of our convolution reverb, we set a very challenging goal that we could have the best technology from the post-production world running in games,” says Simon Ashby, VP Products at Audiokinetic. “Given that our convolution reverb operates with high performance and that we proudly partner with Audio Ease, which is certainly the most respected player in this field, I think we can say that we have achieved our goal.”

“Convolution reverb approaches the real world so much better than synthetic reverb that it had no trouble taking over Hollywood film sound,” says Audio Ease co-owner Arjen van der Schoot. “I hope this set of movie post-pro Altiverb IRs will help convolution reverb do the same in game sound. We had been waiting for the right opportunity to start applying our IR’s in real time in games. When Audiokinetic came along, we did not hesitate. I believe we have chosen to partner with a company as devoted to impressive sounding audio as we are.”

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