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Audix Launches New Performance Series Wireless

Audix in Wilsonville, Oregon, announces the release of its Performance Series, a wireless system designed for vocalists, musicians, performers and presenters (prices TBA). The central component of the system is the two-step process of Scan and Sync.

Pressing a hot key on the receiver instantaneously Scans for open frequencies. Within 5 to 20 seconds, depending on the intensity of other wireless frequencies in the area, the system will select an available frequency from a grid of pre-coordinated internal frequencies.

Once the frequency is selected, the user holds the transmitter next to the Sync light on the receiver, and within 1to 2 seconds, the transmitter will lock to the receiver. If more than one system is required, the user simply repeats the one-touch Scan and Sync process.

The Audix Performance Series is available in two performance levels: the 40 Series and 60 Series. Both series are packaged in durable metal housing that is both elegant and practical.

The 40 Series is a diversity system with 32MHz of spectrum. Audix states that it features 33-percent more frequencies than typical 24MHz systems offered in the same price/performance range. There are 106 pre-coordinated frequencies available that will take into account the region and number of other systems in use. A total of eight systems (conservatively) can be used simultaneously. Dual channel systems are also available featuring an internal antenna combiner allowing the system to operate on just one set of common antennas and one power supply.

The 60 Series is a dual channel system with true diversity receivers and 64MHz of extended spectrum. There are 207 pre-coordinated frequencies available for auto scan and sync purposes. In addition, there are 2,560 individual frequencies available for manual tuning.  A total of 16 systems (conservatively) can be used simultaneously. Like the 40 Series, dual channel models are available for the 60 Series.

The Audix Performance Series offers four dual channel systems that can be combined to operate on one antenna distribution system (Model ADS48). This means that eight channels of wireless may be operated on one set of antennas and one power supply and take up just five rack spaces.

The Performance Series handheld and bodypack transmitters are both 64 MHz in frequency spectrum, meaning that all of the transmitters will work with all of the receivers.

For more information, contact Audix sales at 800.966.8261 or go to