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AUVITEC Adds Fairlight Dream Constellation XT

Paris-based AUVITEC Post Production has selected a DREAM Constellation XT as the foundation for its growing HD and 5.1 business. AUVITEC has six facilities throughout Paris, each a full-service post-production house. The DREAM Constellation XT will reside at the main facility, 14 rue des Acacias, where all HD projects are currently produced.

“As we enter the era of high definition in France, the 5.1 mixing process is key to providing the awe-inspiring audio that complements the brilliant visuals,” says Bruno Gaullier, director of AUVITEC Post Production. “We selected the Fairlight Constellation XT platform because it gave us the most powerful, efficient and logical path to HD migration. The Constellation XT, combined with the Fairlight AV Transfer and Pyxis, has enabled us to seamlessly work with other platforms in our facilities, increasing our production speed. We look forward to furthering our HD capabilities with Fairlight throughout our facilities.”

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