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Avatar Studios Purchases Weiss Engineering ADC2 Converter

Avatar Studios in New York City purchased a Weiss Engineering ADC2 A/D converter. Avatar Studios is known for making excellent recordings with vintage analog equipment and consistently needs a superb A/D converter to support the use of Pro Tools and other digital equipment. The studio spent several months evaluating A/D converters from different manufacturers.

The ADC2 features two independent channels at up to 24-bit/192kHz, mic preamps, POW-R dithering, digital input, internal/external synching, a digital limiter, a calibrated 1dB step analog attenuator and a high resolution bar graph meter.

The ADC2 has been used on several prominent projects by seasoned engineers and top artists. Engineer James Farber used the unit to mix a solo project by Tim Ries, the saxophonist for the Rolling Stones. Farber referred to the unit as “very transparent.”

Other projects the ADC2 was used on include a mix session for John Patitucci’s solo project by Joe Barbaria, a mix session for live concert performances by Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden by Carl Glanville, and a mix session for Lou Reed by Chris Shaw. It has also been a favorite for engineer Jim Anderson during his mix sessions for Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Patricia Barber, D.D. Jackson and Bebo Valdez.

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