Avlex MA-808


The new MA-808 portable wireless P.A. system from Avlex features a high-impact enclosure with retractable handles and integrated wheels for easy transport. This bi-amplified system also sports a Class AB amplifier for the high-frequency driver and a Class D amplifier that drives a 10-inch woofer. With a built-in MP3 recorder/player module, support for two wireless receiver modules and storage provisions for the transmitters, the MA-808 is designed to be a complete, self-contained P.A. solution.

As the new flagship of the MA Series product line, the MA-808 utilizes dedicated amplifiers each for the HF and LF sections. The MA-808's Class D amplifier delivers 120W RMS and feeds a 10-inch woofer. For high-frequency performance, the unit's HF section is powered by a 50W RMS, Class AB power amp. The unit also features twin wireless receiver modules, MiPro's auto-scan and Automatic Channel Targeting functionality and a built-in antenna.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, the MA-808 comes with one wired microphone that can serve as an additional microphone source. Additionally, the included MP3 recorder/player module's three-in-one design supports CDs, MP3 and SD Flash cards. The Flash card reader/writer supports MP3, WAV and WMV formats and features 128 MB of memory, with record capability up to 506 minutes (8.4 hours). Record modes include SP (standard) and LP (long).

This Flash player/recorder also incorporates a built-in USB port that facilitates data transfers when connected to a PC—providing yet another means of placing music or other program material onto the system. The system records in the MP3 format to conserve memory while providing pristine audio quality, and with the DUP (duplicate) button, program can be transferred from CD to Flash memory in the MP3 format. The MA-808 provides a vacuum fluorescent display panel and an infrared remote controller.

Furthermore, the MA-808 is both an AC and battery-powered system; it includes a large-capacity, rechargeable battery that can recharge while being used. The MA-808 uses a universal AC switching power supply to ensure constant voltage.

The MA-808PA (without CD/MP3 player) carries an MSRP of $2,995. The MA-808PAD (with player) carries an MSRP of $3,495. Both models are expected to ship in January 2007.

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