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Avlex MA-808

Avlex Corporation’s MA-808 portable wireless P.A. system features a rugged, high-impact enclosure with retractable handles and integrated wheels for easy transport. This bi-amplified system delivers clear, powerful sound via Class-A/B amplifier (50-watt RMS) for the HF driver and a Class-D amplifier (120W RMS) that drives a large, 10-inch woofer. The unit also offers a built-in MP3 recorder/player module, support for two wireless receiver modules and storage provisions for the transmitters.

Featuring twin wireless receiver modules, setup is via MiPro’s auto-scan and ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) functionality. The MA-808 features built-in antenna and comes with one wired microphone that can serve as an additional microphone source.

The MA-808PA (without CD/MP3 player) carries a MSRP of $2,995. The MA-808PAD (with player) carries a MSRP of $3,495. For more information, visit