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Avlex Ships Superlux M-S, Ribbon Microphone Models

Avlex Superlux E531/BCS

Avlex Corporation introduces the Superlux E531/BCS M-S stereo microphone ($49), an electret-condenser model optimized for field recording applications. It features a mid-side configuration, 1.5-volt battery operation, an on/off switch and a 3.5mm stereo mini-plug.

The E531/BCS provides a cardioid polar pattern for its mid section and a figure 8-polar pattern for the side, offering 90- and 120-degree coverage patterns at the flip of a switch. Avlex states that the E531/BCS is well suited for use with portable digital recording equipment, such as DAT, hard disk, MiniDisc or flash memory recorders. The unit offers a frequency response of 100 to 15k Hz. Supplied accessories include a microphone stand clip that supports both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threads, plus a foam windscreen.

Avlex Superlux R102

Avlex is also shipping the Superlux R102 ($399) aluminum ribbon microphone, a phantom-powered model with a modular ribbon assembly that can be replaced in the field. The R102’s active aluminum ribbon comprises an electro-magnetic transducer and an impedance converting circuit. The electro-magnetic transducer applies a unique magnetic circuit field, while the 2.5-micron–thick aluminum alloy ribbon is suspended between two poles and vibrates in synchronization with incoming acoustical energy.

The R102’s stated frequency response is 20 to 15k Hz. It features a figure-8 polar pattern and identical sensitivity at both the capsule’s front and back for capturing a wide range of instruments and vocals. It also handles up to 140dB SPL.

The R102 includes a dual-core shielded cable and mic stand adapter. An HM-31 high isolation shock-mount is optionally available.

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