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Axia Audio’s SmartSurface Version 2.5 adds dynamic voice processing—compression, de-essing and noise gating designed by Omnia Audio—to supplement the SmartSurface 3-band parametric equalization features. SmartSurface gives talent the power to customize the control surface, choosing where to place often-used sources or assigning favorite monitor sources to headphones and speakers. Other new features in SmartSurface V.2.5 software include enhanced control of automated playout systems, even more powerful set/save/recall functions, and the ability to stop and start multiple pre-defined audio sources with a single button-press—perfect for morning-show or talk-show producers.

SmartSurface Studio Control surface resembles a traditional on-air console, presenting operators with familiar controls while providing dynamic new functions that help automate and streamline fast-paced radio production. SmartSurface has 16 fader channels that can be instantly assigned control of any audio source in the networked studio complex, providing near-complete control for mixing, routing, playback, recording, editing, phone control, remote codec operation and more.

SmartSurface works with the Axia IP-Audio system, which allows broadcasters to build audio networks of any size using standard switched Ethernet to connect a few rooms or an entire facility. Because an Axia audio network can carry hundreds of digital stereo audio channels over standard Cat-6 cables, much of the cost normally associated with wiring labor and infrastructure is eliminated.

The Axia system includes a family of “audio nodes” for microphone, analog line or AES/EBU audio, software tools like PathFinderPC to control routing and an IP-Audio PC driver to eliminate PC sound cards, as well as SmartSurface and the new Element Modular Control Surface debuting at Broadcast Asia.

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