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Barry Gibb Chooses Solid State Logic AWS 900+

Legendary musician and producer Barry Gibb has purchased a Solid State Logic AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System from GC Pro in Miami for his project studio. Gibb and engineer/producer John Merchant (pictured) used the console in the creation of Barbra Streisand’s hit album, Guilty Pleasures.

In 2005, Gibb and Merchant rented an AWS 900+ from Advanced Audio in Los Angeles to record Streisand’s vocal overdubs at the artist’s Southern California home. Later, when mix sessions on another console proved problematic, the same AWS 900 was shipped to Miami for a successful mix.

“Barry’s new studio is in Miami,” Merchant explains, “but he is heading to Nashville for the summer. After the experience of working on Barbra’s record, where we took the exact console that we used in Malibu and flew it to Miami to mix, we thought it would be cool to have the capacity to drop the AWS 900+ in a flight case and, within 24 hours, have it anywhere we want it. That was no small consideration.

“There’s no better console to buy,” Merchant adds. “It’s just the perfect project studio board. It’s the right size, the right number of channels, and it sounds fantastic. There’s nothing that touches it.”

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