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Bass Player Ed Lanouette Joins the QSC K for Musicians Family

QSC Audio Products LLC in Costa Mesa, Calif., welcomes Shadows Fall bass player and music educator Ed Lanouette (pictured) into the company’s K for Musicians family.

Lanouette says he first experienced K Family Loudspeakers in Odessa, Texas, while on tour with Shadows Fall. Playing at a small venue where there was no room for bulky cabinets, the house sound engineer offered him QSC KW units as stage monitors for bass.

“Of course I didn’t think that the self-powered KW’s would keep up, as many self-powered cabinets are a disappointment,” says Lanouette. “I was quickly put in my place with the QSC’s, and humbled. I knew right then and there that I wanted them—period! I was so done trying all the boutique bass amps, and believe me, I have had them all. I’m over it!”

Onstage, Lanouette is currently using a KW152 and a KW181 with a Line 6 Bass POD xt Live to drive them. “The KW Series are amazing in that they are perfectly transparent; from the bottom to the top they are clean and accurate,” adds Lanouette. “The power is awesome and I have plenty of headroom for those situations you run into in larger venues where they seem to gobble up the volume”.

Lanouette says that although he isn’t normally a fan of effects on bass because he feels that most bass rigs don’t project effects well live, he is rethinking this now because he ‘s using the the KW Series. “You can stomp on the pedals all day and most people have no idea you’re even are using an effect!” he adds. “The clarity of the KW’s solves this issue and has me rethinking my approach to effects. The KW Series are amazing in every way including articulation and punch.

“The KW Series inspires me to play exactly what I hear without limitation,” he adds. “When I play there is nothing more disappointing than doing something and your equipment simply cannot keep up. I have to say I am free. I am finally free thanks to QSC.”

For more information, visit and Ed Lanouette’s artist page at K for Musicians.