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BBE Sound Launches SonicMax Pro HD Music Player iOS App

SonicMax Pro’s Settings screen

BBE Sound Inc. in Huntington Beach, Calif., announces its first app release for the iOS: SonicMax Pro (available at the iPhone App Store for $4.99), an extension of the company’s critically acclaimed Sonic Maximizer professional audio gear. Designed to be a musician’s preferred music player, SonicMax Pro offers a superior HD-quality audio experience from any ear buds, headphones, dock or speaker.

BBE’s Sonic Maximizer technology has been adapted to rack systems, stompboxes and studio recording software.

SonicMax Pro includes several features from BBE’s HD-audio technology suite: Lo Contour, BBE Process, iSet, Sound Field Expansion, and Mach3Bass. The app comes preprogrammed with audio presets optimized for today’s most common listening devices — ear buds, headphones, docks, and external speakers. These presets can be fine-tuned by the listener. SonicMax Pro also provides three additional presets for users to customize.

For more information, visit or go to the iPhone App Store.