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Benchmark Media ADC1, DAC1

Benchmark ADC1

Benchmark is now shipping the ADC1 2-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D converter. The company has also made available a new front panel option for the Benchmark DAC1 without rackmount ears and with an aluminum finish.

The ADC1 can be installed in a 1RU space with a second ADC1, a blank panel, or another half-wide unit such as the Benchmark DAC1. Price: $1,775.

The exclusive UltraLock circuit provides jitter-free performance while automatically locking to any incoming clock source including wordclock, super clock, and AES. The unit offers front-panel gain controls and 9-segment full-digital meters that display all transient events. The optical output supports both AES and ADAT formats
(including ADAT SMUX). The separate, fully independent auxiliary output can follow the main output, or be used to feed a second recording device at a lower resolution. Price: $1,775.

The original black faceplate for the DAC1 is still available for fixed rack-mount system installation. Mount the DAC1 with a second DAC1, a blank panel, or other half-wide Benchmark products such as the new ADC1.

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