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Beyerdynamic IMS 900

SE 900 stereo transmitter

beyerdynamic’s IMS 900 in-ear-system offers 16 pre-programmed UHF frequencies for easy setup and quick soundcheck. The IMS system comprises two components: the SE 900 stereo transmitter and the TE 900 stereo pocket receiver.

The SE 900 transmitter can accommodate up to eight channels per frequency range without interference. It is housed in a 9.5-inch metal case with a clear LCD indicating group/channel, and includes LEDs for audio levels, combo inputs and headphone output with volume control. The system also comes equipped with a Lock function.

TE 900 stereo pocket receiver

The TE 900 pocket receiver is equipped with a mono/stereo switch, volume and balance control, allowing for instantaneous alterations to the mix, as well as two RF signal antennas to prevent signal drop-outs, as well as a switchable limiter that protects against loud noise bursts. Earphones are included with all transmitters.

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