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Beyerdynamic TG-X 930

Beyerdynamic Releases TG X 930 Microphone for Touring

beyerdynamic has added the TG-X 930 condenser microphone to its TourGroup line. Based on the capsule construction of the company’s MC 930 studio condenser microphone, the TG-X 930 provides the sensitivity of a condenser with the TG-X touring line’s durability.

Ideal for close-miking situations, the proximity effect of the TG-X 930’s cardioid capsule was compensated to achieve a neutral transmission of low frequencies. The mic features a slight treble boost for the high end. Its maximum SPL is 150 dB. The TG-X 930 also includes a low internal noise level.

The TG-X 930 comes equipped with a stainless-steel grille with multilayer gauze and a second inner grille for protection against “pop sounds.” In addition, the mic grille structure improves rear attenuation, helping to prevent feedback and making the mic easy to clean. The turned brass housing comes in matte black or satin nickel-plated finish.

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