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BIAS SoundSoap 2

BIAS Inc. is now shipping SoundSoap 2 ($99), an update to the company’s one-click audio cleaning software plug-in and application for Mac OS X and Windows XP.

New for Version 2 are the de-click, de-crackle and enhance controls, as well as support for AudioUnits, RTAS and Audio Suite-compatible host applications. Like the original SoundSoap, SoundSoap 2 continues to support VST Mac/Windows and DirectX Windows host applications, and also functions as a stand-alone application.

Customers who purchased SoundSoap before October 1, 2004, can upgrade to V. 2 for $49 (plus tax and shipping where applicable). Customers who purchased the original SoundSoap after October 1, 2004, are eligible for a free upgrade.

With the release of SoundSoap 2, BIAS is offering a variety of rebate promotions on SoundSoap 2, Peak LE, Peak, Deck and the Peak 4.1 Mastering & Restoration Edition.

For a limited time, customers can save an additional $20 (10 percent off the SRP of both products combined) when they purchase SoundSoap 2 and Peak LE together through the holiday rebate promotion.

BIAS is also offering rebates on Peak 4.1 ($499 SRP), SoundSoap Pro ($599 SRP) and Deck 3.5 ($399 SRP), each with a $49 rebate. A $59 rebate is being offered on the Peak 4.1 Mastering & Restoration Edition ($899 SRP), a bundle that includes Peak 4.1, SoundSoap Pro and SuperFreq 10-band mastering EQ.

The rebate is in effect for products purchased from November 1, 2004, through December 31, 2004. The rebate applies to new retail (non-upgrade or cross-grade) products purchased either directly from BIAS or through authorized BIAS resellers within the U.S.

Rebate coupons with eligibility details and submission instructions are available via download at

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