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Blackbird Academy Integrates Roland’s Personal Mixing System

Blackbird Academy students use a Roland M-48 Personal Mixing System

The Blackbird Academy in Nashville, a premier Studio and Live Sound Engineering School, has recently installed and integrated the Roland M-48 Personal Mixing System into their program. The Academy’s unique “hands-on” approach curriculum provides students with access to world-famous Blackbird Studio gear and engineers.

“At The Blackbird Academy, our prime emphasis is teaching the students to provide the client with high-quality sound and service throughout the production process,” says co-director and instructor, and Mix magazine technical editor, Kevin Becka. “The compact, M-48 mixers punch this ticket by being easy to use, having a full set of features like EQ, reverb, panning and level controls, plus they sound great. I have experience with this system in a live sound setting and am amazed at how well it fits into our tracking and overdub sessions at The Blackbird Academy.”

The M-48 mixers are used every day in Studio I at The Blackbird Academy. The studio is built around a Beatle theme, and like Abbey Road, the control room for Studio I is on the second floor. When they built the room, it was going to be a daunting task to drag copper downstairs to all the live room panels.

Becka says he was happy that the Roland M-48 system worked with the studio’s existing Cat-5 runs, and that the M-48’s personal mixers have proven to be easy for the students to grasp and get up and running quickly. With the bankable channels and multi-function encoders, he says that it’s effortless for student/engineers to show the musicians how to jump between the functions and concentrate on getting themselves a great mix. Becka adds that the 3-band EQ and reverb parameters are simple but sound great and are very usable.

“We are very happy with how the M-48 works with our curriculum, studio workflows and how the students have taken to the system,” Becka concludes. “They are very impressed and so are we.”

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