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Blondie Rocks Europe With MILO

Despite a break of nearly two decades between albums, Blondie has re-emerged to sold-out world tours. While gigging in the UK in support of their current release, The Curse of Blondie, original members Deborah Harry, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri and Chris Stein were joined by bassist Leigh Foxx, keyboardist Kevin Patrick and guitarist Paul Carbonara. The band was performing through a state-of-the-art sound system provided by UK touring company Canegreen.

The system comprises 14 Meyer Sound MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers. A pair of MILO 120 high-power expanded coverage curvilinear array loudspeakers provide frontfill for the array, with six of the company’s 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers covering the bottom end. Frontfill and sidefill are handled by a half-dozen UPA-1P compact wide-coverage loudspeakers.

“The band is spot-on and very powerful,” comments Canegreen managing director Yan Stile, “and they’re playing almost every night during a two-month tour. The venues were all quite different, which makes the MILO an ideal choice. It’s powerful enough for the larger arenas, but articulate enough for the more intimate venues. And the self-powered system is really a time-saver, particularly with a busy schedule like this one.”

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