Blue Microphones Announces Bottle Rocket Mic Locker

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Blue Microphones in Westlake Village, Calif., announces the Bottle Rocket Mic Locker ($1,699.99 MSRP), a system featuring the Bottle Rocket Stage One solid-state condenser microphone, along with four of Blue’s interchangeable classic capsules: B0 Bottle Cap, B6 Bottle Cap, B7 Bottle Cap and B8 Bottle Cap. Housed in a custom-designed SKB hard shell case complete with microphone, four capsules and shock-mount, the Bottle Rocket Mic Locker provides access to a large palette of recording possibilities for any vocal or instrument type.

The foundation of the Bottle Rocket Mic Locker is Blue’s Bottle Rocket Stage One microphone, a hand-built Class-A discrete solid-state microphone that features exceptionally low self-noise.

Each of the four capsules are hot-swappable. The Bottle Rocket Mic Locker capsules provide a distinctive sonic signature when used individually, and also complement each other to create layered, well-balanced recordings.

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