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Blue Sky MediaDesk 5.1 Upgrade

Blue Sky International’s MediaDesk 5.1 upgrade adds surround monitoring capabilities to an existing MediaDesk 2.1 system.

Blue Sky’s MediaDesk is a compact full-range monitoring solution designed for critical mixing and monitoring on the desktop. Suitable for computer-driven audio recording and production in a close-field environment (less than one meter), MediaDesk incorporates
Blue Sky amplified satellite speakers with a complementary powered subwoofer. The MediaDesk 5.1 Upgrade expands any MediaDesk 2.1 system to full surround compatibility. Included with the 5.1 Upgrade are three additional MediaDesk satellite speakers, three additional channels of Blue Sky amplification, a wired remote volume control with channel level trims, 5.1 channels of bass management, and speaker wire. The system has both XLR and RCA inputs.

Also with the 5.1 Upgrade, MediaDesk has a built-in 5.1 bass management system with a 4th order, 110Hz Linkwitz-Riley lowpass filter and 2nd order 110Hz highpass filter for the satellites. Rear panel functions include a Subwoofer and Master Volume control, an input attenuator switch, voltage selector switch (115V or 230V) and a 2.1/5.1 mode switch.

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