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Blue Sky ProDesk Keeps ESPN Sports on the Extreme

5.1 mixer Pat Cassidy in Park Production Mobile Unit

As a senior audio consultant for ESPN, Ron Scalise oversees major sports broadcasts in standard and high-definition audio formats, including the NBA, the NHL Finals, Sunday Night Baseball, NCAA College Basketball Conferences and ESPN’s multi-award-winning Sunday Night Football, as well as the recent Emmy-winning Great Outdoor Games.

One of the more challenging projects for Scalise, however, was the X Games, an extreme mainstream athletics competition that involves everything from snowboards to skateboards, and requires equally extreme audio.

To accomplish the task, Scalise uses the Blue Sky ProDesk 5.1 and 2.1 monitoring systems. Scalise has at least three ProDesk systems up and running at any time—one 5.1 and two 2.1 systems. According to ESPN reps, he has had as many as a dozen in place prior to and during major events such as the seven-venue X Games broadcasts in August. “I will use the ProDesk systems for executive demos,” he says. “That’s because I regard the Blue Sky speakers as my flagship monitor.” In addition, Scalise adds, “I can have 5.1 systems for production mixes, as well as 2.1 systems for submixes, all from the same company, which gives me monitoring consistency.”

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