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Bowling Green Adds Facility

Special Focus: Audio Education

New studios within Bowling Green State University’s School of Media and Communication (Bowling Green, Ohio) were designed by Janson Tsai Design. Whereas the program formerly served students with a collection of small edit rooms, they now boast a 1,300-square foot recording/mixing facility that includes a 500-square-foot Avid S6-equipped control room, as well as a TV production studio.

On Bowling Green’s wish list were room to accommodate up to 15 students at a time in the control room, and a tracking space with natural light. “They wanted us to design these rooms to be similar to a private recording studio, so when the students get out of college they have a sense of what’s out there in the industry,” says Dennis Janson.

“The studios will serve Media Production majors,” says BGSU instructor Chris Cavera. “We are also offering the space to Recording Technology minors from the College of Musical Arts. Recording Minors will focus on music production, while Media Production Majors will focus on podcasting, radio production and post-production for video.

“The new facilities represent a giant leap forward for both programs,” Cavera continues. “I’m hoping the studio will become a central hub for Media majors, Music majors and film students looking to produce high-quality audio. Our live room also features Foley pits, a lighting grid, a projection screen and video inputs that tie into the video production area. In addition to the recording space, the newly renovated building also houses a large video production studio and two radio stations. We wanted the new spaces to blur the lines between audio and video production and offer a true multimedia experience.”