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Boz Digital Labs Introduces David Bendeth Compressor Plug-In

Multi-Platinum Award-winning producer David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, A Day to Remember) and audio plug-in designer Boz Digital Labs introduce the David Bendeth Signature Series +10db compressor plug-in. The first in a series of plug-ins resulting from a collaboration between Bendeth and Boz Digital Labs, the +10db promises to deliver the sounds of rare, coveted vintage hardware that is no longer manufactured.

The +10db plug-in is modeled after a British EQ/compressor unit that Bendeth has used to achieve his signature drum and vocal sound—a unit that Boz Digital Labs says has never before been used in a plug-in’s design.  The +10db comes with 10 presets created by Bendeth, allowing users’ drum and vocal tracks to benefit from his years of experience in the studio.

Boz Digital Labs states that the +10db plug-in goes beyond the capabilities of the original hardware unit, offering new features that are only found in the digital version. For example, the “Dry Passthrough” allows users to achieve parallel compression without having to set up extra buses. By making the move to digital, Boz Digital Labs was also able to eliminate some of the power supply noise found in the original hardware, allowing the unit to be pushed harder without hum. While the original unit was mono-only, the +10db gives users the option of running compression over stereo tracks. With shareable presets that work across all formats and operating systems, the unit’s settings can stay consistent even when changing editing programs.

The +10db is available for download directly from the Boz Digital Labs Website: