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Brent Marchenski “Makes the Cut” with HHB

Brent Marchenski with his HHB Portadrive location recorder

Canadian sound mixer/technical producer Brent Marchenski recently upgraded to HHB’s Portadrive location recorder to capture the individual sounds of 16 ice hockey players for reality show Making the Cut. The series involves a countrywide search for the best unsigned hockey players in Canada, which saw 4,000 players taking advantage of a unique opportunity to experience big league drills and test their on-ice skills under the watchful eyes of professional scouts and coaches.

Marchenski individually recorded up to 16 players every day for 14 days, making hard disk a natural choice. “I used two Portadrives in tandem, he says. “During the course of the project I accumulated 350GB of sound data, which we were able to export directly into the timeline of the AVID system ready for post-production. It was quick and absolutely seamless, and trying to achieve the same results using a tape-based recorder would have simply been impossible due to the transfer time and costs involved. For this reason, we’ve been achieving savings of up to 20,000 Canadian dollars on productions purely by using the Portadrive.”

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