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BSS Audio HiQnet London Architect Version 1.1

BSS Audio has released HiQnet London Architect Version 1.1, which includes the Ambient Noise Compensator introduced in V. 1.08. This processing object waits for a gap in the program material and measures the ambient noise level. Based on this measurement, the level of the program material is automatically adjusted to an appropriate level.

A different approach is required for applications where there are no gaps in the program material while ambient noise levels are changing. HiQnet London Architect V. 1.1 introduces the Non-Gap Ambient Noise Compensator processing object. This type of ambient noise compensator continuously monitors the ambient noise levels.

A menu option to Check for Updates is now implemented in the Help menu. If an update is available, then users can download the file and choose whether to upgrade immediately or simply save the file and upgrade later.

Two new logic objects have also been added to V. 1.1, which enable values from the Soundweb London audio domain to be processed within the Soundweb London logic system. The Logic Comparator generates a logic state by comparing a predetermined reference value with the current parameter value.

Adaptive Logic Simulation Speed works behind the scenes in V. 1.1, automatically adjusting the simulation speed of the Soundweb London logic system to speed appropriate for the current performance capability of the HiQnet London Architect computer.

Also, animation support on the BLU-10 programmable wall controller within V. 1.10 gives the system integrator another tool for construction of such user interfaces. On sites with distributed (and sometimes secure) rack rooms, it can be inconvenient and impractical to reboot devices locally. Version 1.1’s Reboot from Network Window feature allows devices to be rebooted remotely.

Version 1.1 is available now as a free download for registered users from

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