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Burning Spear Releases New Album on DualDisc

Reggae artist Burning Spear has released his new studio album, Our Music, on his own Burning Spear Records as a limited edition DualDisc, making him the first non-major label artist to incorporate the technology into an independent release. Pennsauken, N.J.-based Disc Makers handled the manufacturing of the DualDisc.

On the new release, which combines CD and DVD content onto one double-sided disc, Burning Spear will offer a collection of new tracks, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and live footage from the recording sessions

Disc Makers, a long-time champion for independent artists, recently began offering DualDisc to its customers, giving independent artists access to this technology at a more affordable rate.

“I’m very excited about the ability of the DualDisc to combine music and video on one disc, playable on either a CD player or a DVD player,” added Winston Rodney, the artist known as Burning Spear. “For an independent artist like myself, my message and image are a total experience that extends beyond just the music. Disc Makers made it easy for my fans to experience the full Burning Spear effect on one DualDisc.”

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