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Buzz Audio ARC1.1

Buzz Audio Ltd has released the ARC1.1 analog recording channel. The ARC combines a mic/line preamplifier, 5-band EQ, optical compressor and FET peak limiter into a 2U rack-mount unit.

With the connection and routing options available, the ARC may be used as a seperate mic preamp, DI box, equalizer and compressor/limiter (optionally with sidechain EQ), all at the same time.

“Many features of the ARC were suggested to us by recording engineers from around the world,” says designer and company owner Tim Farrant. “For example, the ARC includes a ‘coloured’ audio transformer that can be switched in and out of the signal path. The ability to seperately access the mic and line preamplifiers, each band of the equalizer and the compressor/limiter means the user has not one but four recording/mixing elements at their finger tips. The inclusion of our True Class-A mic preamp and Optical Compressor technologies make the ARC an excellent choice for recording vocals and voiceovers.”

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