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C. Vilar Rolls Out Adamson E15s for Justin Bieber Concert in Colombia

C. Vilar provided a full complement of Adamson line arrays, including E15s and Spektrix mains, and Y10 enclosures for delays, backed up by T21 subwoofers and M15 monitors.

Sound company C. Vilar was recently tapped to provide sound reinforcement for the Justin Bieber concert held at Estadio Menesio Camacho El Campin in Bogota, Colombia.

One of many dates on Bieber’s Believe tour, the artist performed for a crowd of 40,000 in the outdoor venue.

“Gordon Mack, the FOH engineer on the tour, chose the E15,” explains Mauricio Vilar, owner of C. Vilar.

C. Vilar provided left-right line arrays for the house P.A., each comprising 15 E15s and 4 Spektrix. Outfill hangs of 24 Y18s covered seating on each side of the stage. Front fill was handled by 16 SpekTrix spread out across the lip of the stage. Adamson M15 monitors—12 in total—were in use onstage.

Low end was driven by two left-right clusters, groundstacked below each array, comprised of seven Adamson T21 subwoofers, along with four additional subs for outfill.

Left-right delay mains covered the elevated seating in the back of the arena roughly 495 feet away from the stage. Each array comprised 12 Adamson Y10 enclosures. Two hangs of 8 Y10 enclosures were employed for outfill delays to cover remote upper balcony side seating.

The C. Vilar team, along with Adamson representatives on-site, used both the Adamson Shooter and Blueprint software. “The accuracy of the Blueprint software in terms of calculating 3-D coverage of all arrays present was instrumental in landing the account,” adds Vilar.

The system was powered by an assortment of Lab.gruppen fP 3400, fP 6400 and PLM 20,000Q amplifiers. Lake LM26 processing offered the flexibility to drive the E15 systems along with monitoring and control.

“Since we added the E15 system to our inventory we have heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone that has used it,” concludes Vilar. “Once again the people involved in the event were absolutely thrilled. It was another successful Energia event.”

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