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CAD e300, GXL Studio Pack, GXL 3000

CAD e300

CAD has unveiled several new products, including the e300 multipattern servo-condenser mic, the GXL 3000 four GXL Studio Packs and the GXL 3000 large-diaphragm, multipattern condenser.

The latest addition to CAD’s Equitek Series, the e300 multi-pattern (Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8) servo-condenser microphone offers fast transient response, precision and presence in critical tracking and live reinforcement situations.

The e300 features a high-quality 1.1-inch 24K gold sputtered triple pattern dual diaphragm condenser capsule, hand dampened for consistent frequency response. CAD’s time-proven capsule design ensures sonic integrity, while a custom elastomer shock cradle system provides capsule isolation and the hi-mass capsule carriage provides shock absorption.

Other features include an on/off switch with an Auto Power Shut-Off feature; a highpass filter 6 dB/octave @ 80 Hz and a 20dB pad. Rechargeable 9V nickel hydride batteries provide the current reserve and allow for remote operation for up to six hours. Also included is a gold-plated 3-pin XLR insert for corrosion resistance and optimized conductivity. A shock-mount and carrying case are included.

CAD’s four new GXL Studio Packs combine a selection of mics and accessories for different applications ranging from personal to project studios and beyond.
These packs include the GXL2200 Studio Pack, which contains one GXL2200 Large Diaphragm Condenser, one GXL1200 Cardioid Condenser and one EPF 15A Pop Filter. The GXL 2200 Stereo Studio Pack contains one GXL2200, two GXL 1200 mics and one EPF 15A Pop Filter. The GXL3000 Studio Pack contains one GXL3000 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser, one GXL1200 and one EPF 15A Pop Filter. The GXL3000 Stereo Studio Pack includes a GXL3000 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser, two GXL 1200 Cardioid Condensers and one EPF 15A Pop Filter.

The GXL3000 is CAD’s latest large diaphragm, multi-pattern (Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8) condenser.

The GXL3000’s capsule features a 1-inch gold-vapor deposited dual diaphragm for exceptional accuracy and sonic performance. Other features include a highpass filter 6dB/octave @ 150 Hz and a 10dB pad. A shock mount is included.

Price: CAD GXL3000 (now shipping), $219; CAD e300 (now shipping), $699; GXL2200 Studio Pack, $239; GXL2200 Stereo Studio Pack, $299; GXL3000 Studio Pack, $339; GXL3000 Stereo Studio Pack, $399.

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