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Cakewalk Announces SONAR ‘Everett’ Release

New Drum Replacer for SONAR Platinum, Plus Exclusive New Content, Fixes, Enhancements

Cakewalk’s new Drum Replacer for SONAR Platinum

Cakewalk announces the new “Everett” release for SONAR Artist, Professional, and Platinum. The fifth monthly update since Cakewalk introduced its Membership Program in January 2015 includes the new Drum Replacer for SONAR Platinum.

Drum Replacer is an ARA-integrated module that promises zero latency while replacing individual hits or entire kits using samples or drum hits extracted from loops. It also lets users trigger drums from percussive instruments.

“Everett” also includes exclusive content like the new Rapture Kick Start Expansion Pack, which, for example, lets users quickly find the right kick drum sample for electronic, EDM, hip-hop and industrial mixes. In addition, the new Sizzle Bus FX Chain, compatible with all versions of SONAR, emulates the famous “exciter” effect used on many hit records over the years. This release also includes nearly 40 fixes and enhancements, as well as improved ARA support.

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