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Cakewalk Launches YouTube Video Channel

Following the successful launch of the Cakewalk page, Cakewalk has created a YouTube channel to provide an educational resource for musicians interested in PC-based music production. Launched in February 2005, YouTube has become one of the most popular social-networking Websites on the Internet today, allowing users to upload and share original videos through the Web.

In late 2006, Cakewalk began posting Sonar 6 video tutorials, offering a sneak peak at a few of the program’s new features before it hit store shelves. In addition, Cakewalk has also added video tutorials for its Dimension Pro and Rapture virtual instruments, along with demo footage and artist appearances from trade shows. Excerpts from two notable artist talks include Rory Kaplan (Queen, Sting, Sheryl Crow) and 2005 Grammy winner Terry Howard (Ray Charles).

The company is also committed to posting videos from its archives featuring older versions of products as a means to provide continuing support for customers who have not yet upgraded to the latest version, as well as to acquaint current customers with older features that may not be the focus of current marketing activities. Older videos posted to date cover topics such as perfecting vocal tracks, comping guitar solos, emulating acoustic spaces and more.

The company is also adding videos by users of Cakewalk software to its Favorites List on YouTube to provide additional promotion to their customers.

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