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Capitol Studios Hosts Weekend Mixing Seminar for Local University Students

Exclusive Two-Day Program led by Grammy Award-Nominated Capitol Studios Engineer Steve Genewick

For the first time ever, Capitol Studios is hosting a weekend mixing seminar called “Maximize Your Mix” (#MYM) and has invited students from Cal Poly Pomona, Loyola Marymount University and University of California, Los Angeles’ audio engineering programs to participate.

Capitol Studios’ passion for keeping the artisan craft of music-making alive inspired the creation of this program. The industry’s top professionals hope to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of musicians, engineers, and producers.

Arthur Kelm, General Manager of Capitol Studios, developed the program’s curriculum to give students a complete experience mixing a song so they walk away understanding everything that goes into a professional session.

“We at Capitol Studios are strongly committed to keeping the art of recording and mixing music alive,” says Kelm. “Our engineers are uniquely experienced in techniques such as mixing on a large format console, mixing to tape and even cutting to lacquer for vinyl.”

Grammy Award–nominated Capitol Studios engineer Steve Genewick will be leading the instruction for the weekend. “Even though Capitol Studios has the newest cutting‐edge equipment, we are one of the only studios that can offer the opportunity for musicians and aspiring engineers to work on legendary gear along with the artisans who really know how to use it,” Genewick says.

Topics covered during this exclusive two‐day crash course will include basic to advanced mixing techniques and approaches to mixing different types of instruments (drums, guitars, vocals, etc.).

Genewick will offer instruction on how to use Capitol’s fabled vintage outboard gear and hardware processors as well as how to use more common software plug‐ins that students can use at home or on their laptops. Students will also get the rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of working with real echo chambers used to create some of the most memorable recordings in modern history.

Guest producer Tim Anderson will present a lecture on the second day of the seminar and bring in stems from the session of an exclusive Harvest Records artist for the students to practice mixing.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided by sponsors including Sharky’s, Greenleaf, Pressed Juicery, and others.

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