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CEDAR Cambridge Server

CEDAR Audio Ltd. in Cambridge, UK is unveiling its Cambridge Server ($24,777.30) for audio archivists, audio libraries and post-production houses at the 123rd AES convention in New York City. Cambridge Server allows users to record audio onto a restoration system, and generate and edit its embedded metadata while recording and simultaneously processing other files that exist elsewhere on a network. It also lets users work on an audio file in real time while the system processes a dozen other files in the background.

CEDAR Cambridge Server comprises four elements: CEDAR Cambridge Server Pack software; CEDAR Cambridge Version 5 software core; the latest CEDAR Cambridge quad core server-grade host PC; and any combination of CEDAR Cambridge audio processes.

The CEDAR Cambridge Server Pack offers an efficient restoration and audio processing environment. It adds print-server style batch processing, locally and across a network, as well as background processing using multiple instances of CEDAR at once.

CEDAR V.5 software core BEXT metadata editor

The V. 5 software core adds an audio recorder with BEXT metadata handling and editing to every CEDAR Cambridge system. It retains all the capabilities of previous versions of CEDAR Cambridge, including the file processor, the 0.02Hz resolution spectrum analyzer, metering, DC filtering and more. The file processor now offers drag-and-drop loading of single or multiple files. CEDAR also improved the 2-Channel Tools, and added more efficient sample-rate converters and new right-click menus to speed operation.

CEDAR V. 5 software core audio recorder

CEDAR also adds an audio recorder that synchronizes to external timecode, WAV file support with RF64 read/write, embedded BEXT chunk metadata handling and a BEXT metadata generator and editor. Users can now choose CEDAR Cambridge V. 5 as an ingestion system for a small archive or library; loading, classifying and processing the audio without affecting other equipment apart from input and monitoring systems.

CEDAR Cambridge Server is supplied on the latest CEDAR Cambridge quad-core host PC. The Server Pack software is compatible with all CEDAR Cambridge hardware, from the earliest dual-Xeon machines (with additional RAM) to the latest dual- and quad-core Cambridge processors. All existing owners will be able to add Server functionality to their systems, although CEDAR cautions that some performance limits are possible.

CEDAR expects the Cambridge Server (comprising a CEDAR Cambridge quad-core host, V. 5 software core and the CEDAR Cambridge Server Pack) to be available in November 2007. The  Cambridge Server Pack itself will be available as an upgrade for all CEDAR Cambridge systems for ($10,238.50). The company expects the CEDAR Cambridge host system and V. 5 software core to be available in November 2007, costing $13,310.10 for a dual core system and $14,538.70 for a quad core system. The upgrade to the CEDAR Cambridge V. 5 software core will be free of charge for all existing CEDAR Cambridge owners.

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