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CEDAR Processes Now Available On AMS AudioFile SC/X

CEDAR Audio announces that its CEDAR for AudioFile processes are now available on the latest AMS AudioFile SC/X. The Auto Declick feature promises a fast, effective method for removing scratches and clicks from audio. It will process single events or, through tagging, entire tracks of sections of audio. By allowing the user to tag events, the AudioFile SC/X implementation of CEDAR’s processes allows multiple events to be restored in a single operation.

CEDAR’s “split and recombine” process lies at the core of the Decrackle feature, which is designed to restore severely damaged material and eliminate buzzes, including those caused by faulty wiring and electrical interference. Decrackle will also reduce the unpleasant effects of many types of distortion. Dehiss uses spectral subtraction to identify and remove broadband noise from recordings. Users can manipulate the noise reduction parameters while auditioning.

The AudioFile FX key is used to gain access and to launch the processes. Original unprocessed events are retained in the events list as muted events, ensuring that the original unprocessed sound is available at any time later in the workflow chain.

Once the user locates the cue or event that needs to be processed, the entire operation is performed with a single key press. The CEDAR processes will identify and remove unwanted sounds automatically.

Existing owners of CEDAR processes on the AMS AudioFile SC may move up to the SC/X versions for a special upgrade price. To take advantage of this, users should contact Clive Osborn at CEDAR Audio.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or visit