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Celemony’s Melodyne Now Part of Pro Tools Ignition Bundle

Digidesign will be bundling Melodyne Essential for free with Pro Tools’ Ignition bundle beginning this month.

Melodyne essential is a cut-down version of Melodyne uno. It works like a sample editor and offers many of Melodyne’s audio editing functions. The functions for editing intonation and timing manually are all available in this free version. The Correct Pitch and Quantize Time macros, as well as the tools for detailed editing of formants and vibrato, are only available in demo mode. Melodyne essential supports all commonly used audio formats and integrates with Pro Tools via the ReWire interface.

Melodyne uno essential is included free with every Pro Tools Ignition bundle for Windows and Mac OS X and will be distributed worldwide by Digidesign. Upgrades from the essential to the full version of Melodyne uno are available for USD $99 from music dealers and the Celemony Website,