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CharterOak Microphones Used on Neal Casal Album

Neal Casal’s new solo album, No Wish To Reminisce, released on French label Fargo Records, is quickly gaining popularity in Europe. It received outstanding reviews, including four stars from the French edition of Rolling Stone and four stars from Mojo, and firmly tops NME’s “What’s On NME” list.

The album’s smooth, melodic sound was captured entirely though CharterOak’s SA538, SA538B and S600 model microphones. The mics captured the percussion, brilliant guitars and soulful vocals with stunning depth and feel.

In terms of sound, Casal wanted to go in a new direction. For several tracks, Casal wanted to balance a very surreal environment with a somewhat organic feel and the CharterOak microphones helped make that possible.

“Put those treatments together with absolutely stunning performances by all of the players that Neal brought to this project, and Neal’s soulful approach to these songs, and you really have something,” remarked the album’s producer and CharterOak founder, Michael Deming.

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