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The Chemical Brothers Install SSL AWS 900 In Their Studio

Tom Rowlands (left) and Nick Clarke

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, also known as the Chemical Brothers (pictured), have purchased a Solid State Logic AWS 900 Analog workstation system for their private studio in Sussex, England. Designed by Recording Architecture, the studio contains a generous stock of vintage synthesizers and outboard equipment. Nick Clarke of Tech Nick Clarke Ltd. installed the new console.

“We are really enjoying using the AWS 900,” says Rowlands. “It’s a great desk because it gives us all the features of a high-end console at a reasonable price. Also, importantly for us, it has a small footprint. It’s perfect for musicians and producers who want to get a high-end sound in a private studio. We love the EQ, mic preamps and dynamics, and think the whole feel of the faders and pots are great.”

Clarke adds that various console options were considered before Rowlands decided on the AWS 900. “Tom was keen to upgrade his old console and came to me for advice,” Clarke recalls, “but with virtually all the desks we considered, the limiting factor was the need to install a separate machine room and air conditioning.”

“The AWS 900 has proved to be the perfect desk for us because there are no special power or AC requirements,” Rowlands adds. “The size is perfect for our space and the fantastic sound is what we are used to from using SSL’s other desks and outboard equipment.”

Clarke also installed a patchbay connected by tielines to the studio’s overdub booth and custom-made speaker stands to accommodate Rowlands’ near-field monitors, which were too large to sit on top of the console.

“The combination of clever wiring and a very compact and versatile desk has proved a winning formula,” Clarke says. “Everyone is delighted with the result, especially as it has meant that Tom has avoided the hassle and disruption of major building work.”

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