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China’s Independent TV Stations Choose Studer Digital Path

As the digital upgrade path sweeps through China’s leading independent television broadcasters, Studer is winning many new contracts for its Vista Series audio broadcast consoles. Most recently, Studer supplied its digital audio technology to both Hebei TV and Tianjin TV.

Hebei Television Station, located in Shijiazhuang in the Hebei province, made the decision to upgrade to a digital broadcast console in its largest live studio, which is used to produce more than 60 percent of the station’s entertainment programs and all of its major live shows. A 32-fader Studer Vista 8 was selected to provide the main broadcast signal, primarily because of the Vistonics interface found within the desk’s control section. Hebei TV operators have immediate access to 72 level controls without switching banks or paging.

The studio’s entire audio system was replaced, and the installation of the new Studer Vista 8, together with a Soundcraft MH3 as the P.A. console for in-studio productions, was undertaken by local Studer distributor ACE. Now that the studio is fully operational, Hebei TV is using the system to create stereo SD television programming.

Tianjin Television Station (pictured), based in the Heping district of Tianjin City, has also refurbished its primary studio: a 2,625-square-foot space used predominantly for live show productions. When it came to replacing its former analog broadcast console with new digital technology, Tianjin TV selected a 40-fader Studer Vista 6 console equipped with 32 mic and 24 analog line inputs, with an additional 24 digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Again, the desk was installed and commissioned by ACE.

During the refurbishment, Tianjin TV also upgraded the whole of its video system to HDTV and is now producing all of its large-scale productions in both stereo HD and SD formats.

For more information, visit Studer’s U.S. distributor, Harman Pro North America (which also distributes products for Soundcraft), at