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Cirque Hawaii Flies With JBL

Creative Sound & Lighting Systems recently installed a high-impact, high-energy sound system at Cirque Hawaii, a Las Vegas–style circus. Located in Waikiki, Hawaii, the venue is a converted IMAX theater, using loudspeakers from several JBL ( product lines, Crown ( amplifiers and dbx ( processing.

Because of the design challenges in the theater, Creative Sound & Lighting Systems lead technician, Jeff Kang, and head salesman, Eric Agustin, envisioned VRX as the main component of the system after the first walk-through meeting with the client. “Every job has its design/installation limitations, and this venue wasn’t any different,” says John Schneck, owner of Creative Sound & Lighting Systems. “The vertical seating design of the theater, along with the front truss installed directly over the front row of seats, limited us in weight, drop-down height and usable space. Our priority was to avoid interfering with the guide wires and other circus-related items.”

To that end, Kang designed a system that features 15 JBL VRX932LA main P.A. speakers, four JBL SRX728S sub bass speakers, four SRX712M stage monitors and eight Control 29AV speakers for surround sound. The system is powered by Crown IT amplifiers and is controlled by a dbx 481 DriveRack single-space processor.

In addition to designing the system, Kang built the racks, installed the wiring of the system and rigged and tested the loudspeakers. “There is no outsourcing in Hawaii,” he says. “We have a very good team out there and we get to do it all, from the initial sales call, meeting the client to writing up the contract, installing the components and handling the testing and training.”