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Citywalk Studios Opens in Branson

Already home to a number of country review shows and theaters that attract throngs of the faithful each year, Branson, Missouri is now home to Citywalk Studios, a new full-service recording and production facility housed inside the Music City Centre entertainment complex.

Dan and Renae Peters purchased the building that now includes Citywalk Studios, and turned it into Music City Centre. The upper level of the complex includes a LaQuinta Inn, a 700-seat theater that puts on three or four shows a day, a Starbucks, and other retail shops. The lower level houses Citywalk Studios and Dance Branson, a dance studio run by Renae Peters.

with Auralex construction products and treated with Auralex ELiTE Series acoustic products.

Mark Owen, executive producer of Citywalk, decided to build the space, which consists of a 16- by 28-foot recording room, a control room of roughly the same size, and a 10- by 10-foot iso booth. He used Auralex construction products and treated the space with Auralex ELiTE Series acoustic products. Magic Audio, a Floriaa-based design firm, assisted him in the project.

Acoustical construction material includes Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters, a SheetBlok Sound Barrier, Mineral Fiber Acoustic Insulation and an RC-8 Resilient Channel. All three of the rooms use U-Boats to float the floors and no room is physically connected another by any solid material. The walls are decoupled from the floors by two layers of SheetBlok, a material reportedly more dense than lead. An exterior layer of sheetrock with the seams caulked surrounds the outside of each room and acts as a backing layer for the Mineral Fiber insulation. The Mineral Fiber leaves an inch of dead air between it and the first layer of interior of 5/8-inch sheetrock, which then has its seams caulked. A framework layer of Auralex RC-8 Channel decouples the inner wall from the rest of the structure, and provides an additional inch of dead air space.

Owen also used Auralex ELiTE Series acoustical products to tune the room and give it a more “polished” look. “ELiTE Series Pro Panels Absorbers, ProFusor Diffusors, and ProColumns Bass Traps were used throughout the entire studio and they ended up giving us a controlled, tonally balanced space that I can trust to translate well in other spaces,” he says.

“I learned a lot and really enjoyed the challenge,” adds Owen. “But the main point I’d like to make is that the instructions that Auralex has up on their website are extremely clear, and their customer support is fantastic.”

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