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Clearwing Adds L-Acoustics Monitor Wedges to Inventory

Longstanding V-DOSC and dV-DOSC Network Partner, Clearwing Productions Inc. (West Allis, Wis.) has recently purchased 16 L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ monitor wedges. According to Clearwing audio operations manager, Brian “BK” Koerner, the company chose to add the 115XT HiQs after renting a quantity for a month-long outing with the Steve Miller Band.

L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ wedges onstage with Dennis DeYoung, his band and a full rock symphony performing the music of Styx

“Steve is one of those guys who only lets you know when something isn’t right,” says Koerner. “For the first few dates of his tour, we were using some other wedges that we had in-house, but we were having some difficulties with them. So we switched out mid-stride with these HiQs and Steve barely even looked at the monitor guys from then on. The monitor engineer and tech were both just in awe of the difference the HiQs made.

“These wedges are so transparent and in-your-face,” he continues. “When you close your eyes, they sound like they’re on the tip of your nose. And they hardly require any EQ. They just rock, and I’m sure we’ll be adding more of them down the road.”

Koerner also notes that the SR company will be upgrading its amplifier complement with a dozen L-Acoustics LA 48a power amplifiers to exclusively drive the wedges.

The new stage monitors join an impressive roster of other L-Acoustics products already owned by Clearwing, including 40 V-DOSC, 24 dV-DOSC and 12 ARCS loudspeakers; 36 SB218 and eight dV-SUB low-frequency enclosures; and a quantity of MTD108a and MTD112a high-power coaxial systems.

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