CME Bitstream 3X


CME, based in China and distributed in the U.S. by Yamaha Corporation of America, announces the Bitstream 3X ($399.99) desktop MIDI controller. The unit offers a 3-axis (X, Y and Z) controller and includes 35 knobs, eight sliders, 16 buttons, a joystick, a cross-fader and an infrared controller.

The joystick controls the X and Y axes while the infrared beam controls the Z axis. The Bitstream 3X is fully programmable and includes more than 13,000 presets for popular samplers, synthesizers and software, including Propellerhead Reason and ReBirth; Steinberg Cubase; Ableton Live; FL Studio; Native Instruments Reaktor, Traktor, Kontakt and Absynth; and more. The Bitstream 3X also offers an 8-track motion sampler, transport functions and a large LCD.

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