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College Professor Teaches Podcasting With Marantz PMD660

Robert Buford, an associate professor of speech at Broward Community College in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., has been using Marantz Professional’s PMD660 compact, solid-state digital recorder to teach podcasting to the department’s faculty.

“I had never heard of the unit until I encountered it in a Sweetwater Music supply catalog as I was looking for iPods and laptops to set up the podcasting teaching program for our faculty members,” Buford recalls. “The 660 looked perfect—small, lightweight—and I was able to use a high-quality microphone because of the 660’s dual XLR jacks, which really helps enhance the sound quality.

“I take it to class, on-site to projects and I’ve used it to record members of the faculty for their poetry readings, which encourages them to try out the podcasting program,” Buford explains. “The 660 is so simple to use they learn it in no time. Then they take their recordings and transfer them to laptop, edit them in GarageBand or some other simple audio editing program, and they’re podcasting. We’re just about to get into video podcasting and I’m going to look for a way to keep on using the PMD660 for that because we’ve gotten used to a high degree of quality in our podcast sound.”

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