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Community Sonus

Sonus is Community’s new line of portable loudspeaker systems, comprising four full-range models and two subwoofers. All feature low distortion, high-impact sonic capability, ease of transport and construction designed to withstand the rigors of the road.

Sonus full-range models start with the Sonus-1296, a two-way system comprising a 12-inch cone driver and a 1-inch horn-loaded high frequency driver, housed in a multiangle enclosure. The versatile Sonus-1296 works equally well as a FOH system or on the stage as a floor monitor.

Next in the line is the trapezoidal Sonus-1596, a 15-inch/1-nch two-way system with a well defined 90×60-degree polar pattern. Following the Sonus-1596, the larger Sonus-3294 makes the leap to a full three-way system employing a 12-inch LF cone driver, a 6.5-inch horn-loaded MF cone driver and a 1-inch horn-loaded HF compression driver.

The largest of the line, the Sonus-3594, comprises a 15-inch cone driver with the same mid/high section as the Sonus-3294. All models can be switched between active biamped and passive single-amped operation. A music/voice Presence switch is provided as a quick means of altering the upper midrange to suit the acoustical conditions of the venue.

For extended low-frequency response, the Sonus line includes two subwoofers with a choice of dual 15-inch or dual 18-inch high-power cone drivers. The dual 18-inch model is provided with integrated casters for convenient load in and load out. Both models feature a highpass output for integration with the full-range systems.

All models in the line include Dyna-Tech active protection circuitry, which uses the power of the amplifier to drive a three-stage active limiter.

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