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Cool Spin: Eagles of Death Metal, Death By Sexy (Rekords/Downtown)

Take one part T. Rex, one part Death From Above 1979, add a sprinkling of AC/DC, and you have the Eagles of Death Metal. The sophomore release from the fast-livin,’ hard-rockin’ band—aptly titled Death By Sexy—is frenzied, sleazy rock at its finest. The album’s scuzzy flavor seems to be the result of an unholy union between catchy ’70s rock and a large helping of methamphetamines. From the devilish laugh that opens the album to the revival-style hand claps and “praise God!” lyrics that close it, Death By Sexy oozes with flirtatious fun, all while teasing your ears with come-hither cock rock. If this album doesn’t make you dance and throw mad devil signs in the air, then you must be dead. Really. See a doctor.

Producer: Josh Homme. Engineer Alain Johannes. Studios: Downtown Recordings (NYC), Rekords Rekords/Ipecac (Orinda, CA). Sound City Studios (Van Nuys, CA). Mastering: Alain Johannes/11AD Studios. —Lori Kennedy