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CoolIT Systems Workstation Cooler

CoolIT Systems announces the new Workstation Cooler (starting at $449), a CPU liquid cooling device using CoolIT’s patented, award-winning MTEC technology for maximizing workstation PC performance. Because workstations and servers typically require power-intensive software applications, the CPU and other internal computing hardware are placed under a heavy load, which can in some cases cause the entire system to overheat or fail.

CoolIT Systems MTEC technology uses a combination of liquid cooling and thermoelectric cooling to aggressively remove heat and dissipate it from the workstation. The end result is heightened computing performance due to a 40-percent reduction in CPU temperature, lower noise levels and enhanced reliability, as the CPU experiences less dynamic fluctuations in temperature.

The Workstation Cooler also includes CoolIT’s MTEC Control Center, which enables software control of the chiller and uses patented predictive cooling to stabilize fluctuations in CPU temperature. As an added layer of security, the control center is self-monitoring. It supports event based e-mail notification and can also securely shut down a server in case of an emergency.  

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