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Counting Crows Use Mojave Audio MA-200 Condenser Mic

Counting Crows has hinted at recording a new studio album, and recently, the band has been using a Mojave Audio MA-200 condenser microphone to capture their signature sound.

“We’ve been recording on and off for several months,” states guitarist and band co-founder David Bryson. “We started out last spring before our summer tour, and we’re just starting to pick up where we left off. We acquired a Mojave Audio MA-200 back then, and it’s turning out to be a really useful tool for us.”

The band first experimented with the MA-200 during sessions at New York’s Avatar Studios and found it to be invaluable for recording acoustic guitar tracks. “We were experimenting with a variety of mics,” notes Bryson. “We A/B’d the mic against several other microphones. When we tried it on some acoustic guitar material we’d been working with, there was this unanimous, positive reaction from the control room. Everyone at the session immediately noticed the presence and the natural sound the mic delivered–particularly its clean, uncluttered high end.

“We were really quite impressed with the performance of the MA-200, so I’m confident we’ll be finding more use for it,” Bryson adds. “When you get good results with a mic, you tend to keep experimenting to see what else it can do. I believe the MA-200 is a really good find.”

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