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Creative Technology Beefs Up L-Acoustics Inventory

The Los Angeles office of Creative Technology (CT), an international provider of audio, video and staging solutions for corporate events, has significantly increased its arsenal of L-Acoustics products with the recent purchase of 68 dV-DOSC and 22 dV-SUB enclosures, as well as 32 LA Series amplifiers. This brings the provider’s tally of L-Acoustics gear up to 80 dV-DOSC and 26 dV-SUB boxes, all powered by 10 full racks of LA amps.

The new equipment was recently brought out for Sony’s pre-E3 press event announcing the forthcoming November 17 launch of its new PlayStation 3. Held at Stage 15 of Sony Picture Studios just prior to the convention, Creative Technology paired an elaborate video presentation setup with a 5.1 system featuring left and right arrays, each sporting nine dV-DOSC with adjacent hangs of three dV-SUB enclosures. A third array of six dV-DOSC accompanied by two separately flown dV-SUB made up the center section, while two identical six dV-DOSC/two dV-SUB pairings comprised the rear left and right surrounds. Throughout the event, this system was used to adeptly provide audio reinforcement for everything from vocal presentation to game audio to music/DJ playback.

Creative Technology’s William Nealie in the front-of-house booth setting up for the Sony E3 Party

A few days later, Creative Technology used some of the same gear for the annual Sony E3 Party held on the hilltop of Elysian Park behind Dodger Stadium. With the band Incubus performing on the main stage for an invite-only crowd of 7,000 VIPs and press, sound reinforcement was handled by a system primarily comprising 18 dV-DOSC and six dV-SUB.

“In terms of size versus output, the dV-DOSC is the best box on the market,” says William Nealie, senior audio engineer and designer for Creative Technology North America. “On most productions, we’re typically working with a 24- to 28-foot ceiling height, but once we start factoring in large video screens and other scenic elements, the available space for an audio system is often much less. Consequently, it’s critical for us to have at our disposal a very compact system with high output power, a wide-coverage pattern and an inherently flat response. That perfectly describes the dV-DOSC.”

Nealie is also very pleased with the results he achieves using L-ACOUSTICS’ SOUNDVISION acoustic modeling software. “The 3-D prediction software is a wonderful tool. Gone, thankfully, are the days of showing up with a truckload of gear and simply sprinkling things around the room! Thanks to SOUNDVISION, our system setups are relatively fast and easy, and the actual performance of the rig is extremely accurate to what the software predicts.”

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